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What are gLovies

made of?

gLovies are made of virgin LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene), which is a thermoplastic made from the monor ethylene.

Our goal is that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will be happy to review your issue and provide you with a refund, as appropriate.


Sure, send a self-addressed envelope to My Mom Knows Best, Inc. PO Box 200 Huntington, NY 11743. We would be happy to send you one pair of gLovies in a sample bag.

Can I get a free



What if I’m not fully satisfied with the product?


If you are not fully satisfied with our gLovies product, please feel free to contact the president of My Mom Knows Best via e-mail and she will personally respond to you.


Do you ship internationally?

We are currently working on getting an international account that will allow our friends abroad to have access to gLovies.


Are gLovies waterproof?

Yes, both versions the mitts and the gloves are both waterproof.


Can I use these gloves for our classroom art projects?

Absolutely! We’ve received rave reviews from nursery school and elementary school teachers stating that gLovies saves so much time due to quick clean-ups.

What is the difference between the gLovies mitts and the gLovies multi-disposable gloves?

gLovies mitts are perfect for younger children ages 2-5. While the original intention for the gLovies mitts were for potty training, they are also great for art project and crafts. gLovies gloves, our newest product,  have fingers, are FDA approved, are latex free and can be worn by kids up to 9 years of age.


gLovies are meant for easy, disposable, single use.

Can I use gLovies more than once?


How can I place an order for gLovies?


 gLovies are available for online purchases through our 'products' area, for wholesale purchases please contact us using our 'Talk to us' tab.

What are the benefits of always having gLovies around?

Having gLovies stashed in your diaper bag or glove compartment in your car will surely bring you peace of mind the next time you need to stop at a public restroom.


Yes, pediatrician Ida Giordano, M.D., F.A.A.P. gives a thumbs up to using gLovies to keep hands clean.

Are gLovies pediatrician approved?


gLovies are great for kids as young as two years old and up to nine years old. As mentioned on the packaging, gLovies are meant to be worn by kids with adult supervision.

While gLovies were originally invented as a potty training tool to keep kids safe from germs in public places, the uses of gLovies has multiplied due to a new and  improved product that is now FDA approved and latex-free. gLovies are great for messy arts and crafts projects that might include glue or paint, assisting in the kitchen while baking, in the garden and even are the perfect tool to help clean up dog messes. As you can see, gLovies truly are multipurpose.

What is the best age for gLovies?

What was the inspiration behind your gLovies product?



Returns / Refund



Do you have discounted prices for wholesale orders?

Yes, for wholesale inquiries, please forward your questions to

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